A coffee with.. Sam Morgan | Paria CC


As part of our feature ‘a coffee with..’ we’ll sit down and have a chat with friends of La Bottega Milanese and ask them a few questions.

This time around it’s the turn of Sam Morgan of Paria CC. LBM have collaborated with Paria to create our first Pro Cycling Jersey, which was unveiled last spring.

The brief was to encapsulate the traditional Italian Cycling Jersey design as an homage to iconic brands such as Bianchi.

Along side LBM colours & crest, the jersey features Paria’s trademark skull and an appearance from AlbaRosaCC, the largest cycling group in Yorkshire co-sponsored by La Bottega Milanese.

So who are you? 

I’m a 39 year old male, 6’4, blue eyes, Scorpio – likes crazy nights out, but also cosy nights in……  

Born a Mancunian, but now an honorary Leodsian due to time served; living in North Leeds with my wife, Bernese mountain dog, and two cats.

What do you do for a living?

I run Paria – a non conformist cycling brand which takes it’s influences from street and urban style, offering something a little different to the standard fluro box fit lycra you see MAMILs riding in.

And i love it!

 What is your favourite gadget?

Standard answer would be my iphone (i have just returned from a period of time in the wilderness with a Sony) however more specifically it would be the camera on my phone. It has helped me capture so much in the  moment; a lot of it irrelevant, but when it comes to shouting out what you are about it is amazing how you can put it out there through a picture.

What can’t you do without?

This sounds massively cheesy, but exercise. It keeps me level; allows me to keep the angry man at bay and clears my head. It can be anything from boxing to yoga (clearly cycling takes in the majority of the quota). My better half tells me it stops the pitbull from coming out (the animal not the b rate “rapper”)

What brings you to Bottega, what is the relationship?

Aside from the coffee (a taste for which was kicked off for me due to La Bottega) it is the growing relationship between Bottega and Paria. Cycling and coffee are intrinsically linked, and Bottega offer a urban slant on the traditional coffee culture which fits well with the Paria outlook.  This has led to us collaborating on a cycling jersey which brings together the traditional Italian vibe and clean styling of Paria.

I you want to get in on the action, you can buy of the LBM Jerseys here.

LBM Jersey

The current LBM ProJersey by PariaCC & La Bottega Milanese. Swoooon

What are your plans for the future?

With Paria we are looking to grow our links with like minded individuals and clubs; those who are pushing against some of the elitism and cliquey nature of the sport. Whether this be established cycling clubs, or grass roots ventures, we want to help support and drive initiatives which fit with our vibe. Clearly delivering more successful colabs like Bottega, are an integral part of our plans and we have some exciting clients we are going to be working with in 2016!


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