La Bottega Milanese guide to Tiramisu

Tiramisu’, this is such a simple thing to make, as often with Italian food it’s all down to ingredients and a bit of love.

It pains us to see recipes with creams, custard and other ungodly things, so we decided to give you a real Italian quick recipe.

Get your groove on, and follow this…

All your Tiramisu’ Ingredients

The ingredients (serves 6 normal people or 3 Italians):

  • 4 Organic eggs, make sure these are real good.
  • 25ml of Liquour.Amaretto, Egg Liquour, Brandy etc however we stick with Marsala.
  • 100gr of bitter cooking cacao.
  • 500gr of Macarpone cheese (usually 2 tubs)
  • 150gr of caster sugar (75gr per bowl, you’ll see…)
  • Savoiardi biscuits, but if you can..Pavesini. They are the original ones you know??
  • COFFEE!!! Now here now surprises, make yourself a full moka pot with a great fresh coffee, we suggest La Classica. Check our other blog post to get the better out of your moka.


Split your eggs carefully 4 yolks in a bowl, 4 whites in the other


Whip the yolks to for a minute before adding 75gr of sugar, then carry on whizzing until you get a mouse (2 minutes).


Whip baby whip!


Whip the egg whites for one minute


Now add 75gr of sugar and continue to whip for two minutes.


Now begin adding Mascarpone a bit of the time and continue to whip.The whole 2 tubs guys.Continue to whip until it gets to a semi solid merengue consistency


Once you have whipped this for a long time, you will get to this.


Add the egg yolks mixture and begin to fold in, carefully.Do not whip, we are wanting to keep the air here.


Fold, fold and fold


Add you liquor and fold into the mixture


Place your savoiardi at the bottom of your dish to begin the first layer. If your partner is a bricky, get him/her to help.


Now for a layer of the mascarpone mixture..spread, spread..


The a layer of bitter cacao. Add into a sieve, and tap on the side to make the cacao fall uniformly.


An carry on like that! Biscuits, mixture and cacao…boom. To the top!


Ta-daaaaaa! Tiramisu, now cover in cling film and refrigerate. A good two hour minimum guys, ideally overnight. Serve and take all the credit coming your way. Salute!!





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